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Women It Is All About You - 7 Useful Tips From Kamasutra

by Admin | Posted: Jan 03, 2018 at 00:07 | Views: 1200

Women It Is All About You - 7 Useful Tips From Kamasutra

Talking about Sex is a Taboo in the present generation but or ancient book ‘Kama sutra’ was indeed had written a brief knowledge. It is considered to be the sex education that is adapted to various practices and time. If you thought the books were all about positions we are here to break that agenda.

1. Kama sutra to empower women

Kama sutra is ideally accepted that it is written for women to manage her men throughout the life in the most specified way.

2. Size do matter

According to this epic book size of penis matters. As it gives a comparative study of classifying men as bull, horse and stallion which gives you the perfect match and result of your sex as well.

3. It is all about Healthy relationship

If you think Kamasutra is the book which talks only about sex, then you have assumed it wrong. It reveals the ingredients for the healthy relationships of men and women. While pleasure is the leading drive for it.

4. Foreplay is important

It kept us in wow when we found that Kamasutra was so advanced in talking about embracing each body part and how it is important in sex. It also helps men to know the art of talking to women and how well you can attract her.

5. Kiss is an art

The book mention three types of kissing – The throbbing kiss, Measured Kiss and Brushing Kiss.  It is based on the intensity of your kissing and it prescribes to take equal importance to kissing separately.

6. Love scars

Women are asked to scratch their male partners to improve their sexual intact. It describes eight types of scratches such as discus, half-moon, circle, line, tiger’s claw, peacock’s foot, hare’s leap and lotus leap and in return men bites women.

7. Sex is not penetration

Kamasutra suggests knowing and exploring the opposite gender for sex. Only Penetration will not give pleasure but if you master the art of sex you will attain more pleasure.

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