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Why Women Safety Is Still A Joke In Delhi Ncr

by Admin | Posted: Jan 03, 2018 at 00:05 | Views: 1150

Why Women Safety Is Still A Joke In Delhi Ncr

An incident that was reported to Times of India

It was a just another evening as I headed home to Lajpat Nagar from my office in Noida. Being a journalist, I was accustomed to working late hours and was prepared to face the snarly traffic in DND (Delhi Noida Direct flyway). But what I was not prepared was to face what happened to me on the busy highway that day. It was Novemeber 21, a date I will never forget.
 I was soaking up the myriad sound emitted by the vehicles around me, a loud thud pushed my vehicle forward almost overthrowing me from my seat (for the first time in my life I realised the importance of wearing a seat belt!). It didn't take me long to understand that a car had hit my vehicle from behind. After making sure that my injuries weren't too grave, I walked out of the car and confronted the culprits.

"Don't you know how to drive?" shouted a man, probably in his mid-twenties, as soon as he saw me approaching them (there were two people in the vehicle).

Still shaken from the incident, I wasn't expecting such an outburst from the faulting party. "Hold on. I didn't hit your car. It's you who banged into my car from behind!" I was shaking with rage then.
"You pulled the emergency brake and so we crashed into your car. Being a woman driver should should be more careful."

"Emergency brake when the car was moving at first or second gear? Are you kidding???Just for argument's sake, even if I pulled an emergency brake, that does not mean you will hit the halted car," I was almost shouting
Seizing the opportunity, the duo charged at me and started hurling slangs before getting ready to drive away. Fortunately, I quickly took a picture of their number plate before they drove away saying, " Karlo jitna complain karna hain ..." (Complain as much as you want to.)
I was dumbstruck. I could not believe what just happened. But not giving up hope, I continued dialing the helpline number. After almost half an hour, I got lucky and someone from the other end registered my complain and took down the registration number of the errant vehicle, promising they would alert the police check post and will seize the vehicle. Relieved, I reached home thanking my stars and waiting for authorities to do their duty.

Source : Internet

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