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Why And From Whom Do Kinnar Marry For One Night?

by Admin | Posted: Apr 12, 2018 at 19:08 | Views: 2267

Why And From Whom Do Kinnar Marry For One Night?

You will have heard about the hijras that they are neither completely male nor women, therefore they remain unmarried. But you must be surprised to know that the hijras also get married and, surprisingly, this marriage is for just one night and that too with their own Lord.

Who are the God of the hijras and whom do they marry if you want to know this, then let us tell you that this is not an ordinary person. This is Arjuna and Nag Kanya, who is also known as Aravan, who is the son of Ulupi.

It is an unusual story of how Eravan became the God of hijras and why it marries them for one night, which is related to the war of Mahabharata.

But before this story tell me where there is a wedding of a night of hijras and what happens then.

To celebrate the wedding of the hijras, you will have to go to Kovagam in Tamil Nadu. Here every year the celebration of the marriage of the Hazars begins with the first full moon of the Tamil New Year which lasted for 18 days. On the 17th day the hijras are married. The 16-year-old henchmen wear the priest Mangalasutra and they get married.

On the next day of marriage, the idol of the Goddess is rotated in the city and after that it is broken. Simultaneously, she takes off her makeup and moan like a widow. Let's now learn the secret of this story from the marriage to the widow.

The story is that before the Mahabharata war, Pandavas worshiped Kali, mother of Lord Pandit. A prince was supposed to be sacrificed in this worship. When no prince came forward, Irawan said that he was ready to sacrifice. But it has put a condition that he will not be sacrificed without marriage.

Pandavas had a problem with which the Princess will marry Iravan for a day and she will become a widow the next day. This problem was resolved by Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna himself came from a Mohini form and got married to Eravan. The next morning Iragon was sacrificed and Krishna cried as a widow. Recalling the same incident, she considers Iravan as his god and marries for one night.


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