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What Is More Healthier ? Rice Or Chapathi

by Admin | Posted: Jan 02, 2018 at 23:58 | Views: 1159

What Is More Healthier ? Rice Or Chapathi

Rice vs chapati (wheat roti) may be a quite common and moot topic; each these grains being the staple food in several parts of the world. individuals blame rice for inflicting obesity, diabetes and related conditions. Is it very true?

Basically, we have a tendency to most ordinarily use polished / rice, that appearance white due to the removal of fiber-rich outer covering (husk and bran). throughout this method, most of the micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) area unit washed away. sorice is barren of B vitamin vitamins, iron, calcium etc.

1. Chapattis area unit higher in Na and Potassium content. Rice doesn’t contain any Sodium (unless salt is added) and contains littlepotassium. so for folks on sodium & potassium restricted diets, rice may be a stronger selection than chapatti.

2. Rice is simple to digest because it is low in fibers. so for people with loose stools / diarrhoea, dyspepsia etc. rice may be a good selection.

3. For those that manage their diabetes & diet plan, feeding whole wheat chapatti may be a higher various. Rice includes a higher glycemic index than chapatti, which implies, it will increase glucose earlier. So chapatti is often a most popular possibility for diabetic people.

4. For those that area unit overweight & weighty, chapatti may be a more sensible choice because it contains additional fibers. Feeding rice additional usually, additional in amount and particularly at dinner will result in weight and fat gain.

Thus, nutrient content-wise, chapattis area unit healthier than rice. Brown or unpolished rice may be a decent replacement for white one that retains most micro-nutrients.


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