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Viral Video: Telangana Police Officer Gets Massage From Woman Cop

by Admin | Posted: Nov 13, 2017 at 23:00 | Views: 340

Viral Video: Telangana Police Officer Gets Massage From Woman Cop

HYDERABAD: A cop in Telangana lies look down in his undershirt as he gets a back rub from a policewoman in a video that has been generally shared. 

The lady, a home watch, is in her khaki sari uniform as she gives her supervisor a back rub. He has his eyes shut. An examination has been requested against the man who gets the back rub, an Assistant Sub Inspector at Gadwal distinguished as Hassan. 

Prior this month, an overseer in Hyderabad was suspended after a video of him getting a back rub from a male home monitor at his home became a web sensation. 

The officer denied that he was the man seen sitting on a seat staring at the TV while his subordinate, in uniform, rubbed his exposed back.

Source : NDTV

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