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Try These 6 Fashion Tips, And Stay Cool And Slim In The Summer Season

by Admin | Posted: May 24, 2018 at 19:41 | Views: 852

Try These 6 Fashion Tips, And Stay Cool And Slim In The Summer Season

In the winter season, you hide your stomach inside the jacket, but in the heat it becomes a problem. But do not worry, today we have come up with some tips for you, which will make you look cool and fashionable during the summer season.

1) Wear bright, dark colors in the summer as well as warm colors, this will give you a stylish look. Light-colored clothing made of natural fabrics prove to be helpful in sunlight in summer. You can get a smart look by wearing an asymmetrical jacket on Palazzo.

2) If your stomach has gone out and you are troubled by it, and want to hide it, then you can choose long flovy top and loose clothes for it. Select long flovy top, which does not show any part of your body. In this way you can hide the stomach out of your body.

3) You can wear Palazzo with floral print on top of slim fit pants or short kurti. Apart from this Empire Line Dress will also be available to you. They are designed in such a way that they are very loose under the waist and it is quite comfortable to wear them during the summer.

4) Mid-Rise Jeans hides the excess fat of your stomach. You can wear a long straight kurta or short kurta on the jeans, which will give you a different look.

5) The belt worn on the waist shows your obesity, so do not use it until you get in shape. With scarf, scarf you can give yourself a sober look, two contrasting scarf or scarf blossom over the pastel colors.

6) Staples will stay in trend in summer. Girls are enjoying this tops, this gives you a very stylish and beautiful look. You can wear printed skirts with a single printed top or top of a printed color with a single color of pants. Keep your hair open on it.


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