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The 12 Jyothirlings In India - The Place Of Omkara

by Admin | Posted: Jan 02, 2018 at 23:39 | Views: 1392

The 12 Jyothirlings In India - The Place Of Omkara

1. Somnath

Somnath near Gujarat is considered as the highly revered pilgrimage center with great historic and ancient relevance to Shiva and Shiva Purana.


It is located in the interior part of Andhra Pradesh and known as Kailash of the South. It is believed that the pinnacle of the hill itself will enlighten the people.


It is in Mhakal Forest, Ujjain in Madhay Pradesh and it is considered to be the one of the “Mukti- Sthala” where people get to liberate from the human form.


Omkareshwar temple is located in Madhya Pradesh in an Island called Shivapuri. Here is where the Shiva defeated the Danavas means Deamons.


Vaidhyanatha Jyothirlinga is in Jharkand and it is one of the most celebrated shines. It is accustomed that the miseries are wiped off by visiting the temple.


Bhimshakara Jyothirling is located at Pune in the shoreline of Bhima River. It is said that after defeating Kumbakarna Shiva took the Bhimashakar and the sweat from Shiva’s body is flowing as the river.


Rameshawr is in the southern most tip of India, in Tamil Nadu. The scriptures states that Rama made a shiva made of sand to worship and thus the temple was formed lately.


Nageshwar Jyothirlinga is located at Central Gujarat and here shiva took this form to save one of his devotee named Darruka who was imprisoned by the demon

9.Kashi Vishwanath

It is the place of human liberation and happiness. People who die are believed to reach heaven directly and they attain Moksha. It is also said that Shiva itself had resided in the place.


Trimbakeshwar Temple lies in Maharashtra in the banks of Godavari River and known as “Gautami Ganga”. Lord Shiva resided here to release the sins of Gautama Rishi on killing a cow.


Kedarnath is in the Rudra Himalayas which is at 12000 feet range of mountain. Here shiva took the form for the two incarnations of Vishnu Naran and Narayanan.

12. Ghrishneshwar

Ghrishneshwaer Jyothirlinga is located near Aurangabad near Ajanat and Ellora Caves. Here Shiva emancipated himself as Gushmeshwar.

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