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The 10 Misconceptions About Punjabis Broken

by Admin | Posted: Dec 19, 2017 at 21:40 | Views: 730

The 10 Misconceptions About Punjabis Broken

World have a ton of misinterpretations about Punjabis and ample opportunity has already past that we should clear them for the last time. Here are 10 myths about Punjabis that are so not genuine!!

1.Punjabis swear a great deal.

Maayave, that is valid. However, it's only a method for indicating fondness. In the event that we are manhandling you, it implies you are for all intents and purposes family. 

2. Sikhs and Punjabis are the same.

Truly, a ton of Punjab's populace is Sikh however couple of Punjabis are not Sikh as well.

3. Punjabis can't get by without Cholle Bhature

We can't live without dal makhani, shahi paneer, margarine chicken, rajma chawal as well. 

4. Punjabis get a kick out of the chance to flaunt.

Go ahead, what might you rather have us do? Construct a freakin' gold coin swimming pool like Scrooge McDuck?

5. Punjabis just like Punjabi tunes on DJ!

Despite the fact that we can do bhangra on any tune yet there is nothing superior to anything playing 'Taare gin yaad ch teri' on the move floor and sitting tight for the DJ to quiet the volume at 'ho'
6.Without betray, supper of Punjabis is inadequate

Meetha Sheetha is in our blood and even our breakfast, tea and lunch is inadequate without it. 

7.Punjabis love to go overboard.

We are into sparing, for sure. Truly. No punch here! 

8.Punjabis are fixated on drain and drain items; ghee, lassi, curd, white spread, etc.Did you say lassi? Where's the lassi? I need some lassi!

9.Punjabi moms are OTT. It is the point at which their kids do some awful poop.

10.Punjabis despise South Indians.

Indeed, yet just in "2 States." as a general rule, we don't have anything against our South Indian brethren. By what means would us be able to nourishment cherishing Punjus have hostility against individuals who's rarities influence us to go feeble in the knees.

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