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Runaway Train: Engine Cruises 13km Minus Pilot, Staffer Chases It Down On Bike

by Admin | Posted: Nov 10, 2017 at 10:24 | Views: 387

Runaway Train: Engine Cruises 13km Minus Pilot, Staffer Chases It Down On Bike

A driver less electric train engine traveled for 13 km without its loco pilot from the Wadi station in Karnataka. It was stopped by its loco pilot, who chased it on a motorbike and managed to board it. The engine started moving on its own after the Chennai-Mumbai train was halted for a diesel engine to be attached to the bogies.

Here's what happened:

Chennai-Mumbai train’s disengaged engine started moving on its own while at Wadi junction in Maharashtra, sparking alerts on the lines and a 13-km chase before a mishap was averted.

As the electric engine ran, the railway staff gave a chase to it on a motorbike

An electric train engine travelled for about 13 kilometres without loco pilot from Wadi station in the district before being brought to a halt by a staff member who chased it on a bike.

Mirroring a script straight out of a movie, the railways employee caught up with the engine, jumped on and stopped it.

Trouble started after the Chennai-Mumbai train arrived at Wadi junction around 3pm on Wednesday, where its electric engine was to swapped for a diesel one, railway officials said. The route from Wadi to Solapur in Maharashtra is not electrified.

The diesel engine was attached to the Mumbai train which continued its journey to Solapur, the officials said. In the meantime, due to what is being described as a slip-up, the disengaged electric engine started moving on its own after the loco pilot alighted from it.

As a stunned pilot looked on, the Wadi station authorities alerted the next few stations to clear signals and tracks. To prevent any possible mishap, trains from the opposite direction were also stopped, the officials said.

As the electric engine cruised, the railways staff gave a chase on a motorbike, managed to board it when it slowed and stopped it near Nalwar. By then, the engine had run for about 13 kilometres.

It was not exactly known how the electric engine began to move, the officials said, adding, an inquiry by a special team was underway.


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Source : inshorts, hindustantimes.com

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