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Love In The Midst Of Smog: Delhi Picture Taker's Veil Themed Couple Photograph Shoot Turns Into Viral

by Admin | Posted: Nov 12, 2017 at 00:33 | Views: 704

Love In The Midst Of Smog: Delhi Picture Taker's Veil Themed Couple Photograph Shoot Turns Into Viral

With the recent rise in air pollution as Delhi got under the blanket of heavy smog, the has been compared to a 'gas chamber.' So what happens to Delhi's picturesque locations that serve as a prop, canvas, and theme for couple photoshoots? Well, with the love for Delhi's vivid iconography that has given many couples their dream shots, one photographer tried to capture the horror of the changing scenarios, but with a twist! In these pictures, a couple celebrates love with masks


Know about the place where girls take off their bra and hang up to get the desired life partner.

We have just pushed nature's breaking point to a degree where veils have begun covering faces and if conditions won with a similar pace, soon covers will turn out to be new personalities.

Throughout the years, Delhi - the heaven of incredibly consummate areas - had transformed into a dim gas chamber with dark everywhere. Most awesome mornings turned into the most risky ones where a straightforward morning walk has turned out to be inconceivable, in addition, it constrained the picture takers and customers to dare to new adjacent areas


During the IPL, Priya received the light embarrassment due to the clothes, The truth of the viral picture.

With the assistance of a couple and their companions, they went to Delhi's well known and notable India Gate to catch what "cherish in the season of brown haze" would resemble

I would like to think not to see a couple wearing a veil and posturing before Delhi exhaust cloud. In any case, it's about time that now to think and conclude that 'would we say we are prepared to lose our characters and to agree to a bright veil?'


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Source : indianexpress

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