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Do Not Give Atm Card To Your Friends Or Relatives, Otherwise This Rule Of The Bank Can Sip Your Money

by Admin | Posted: Jun 08, 2018 at 17:37 | Views: 180

Do Not Give Atm Card To Your Friends Or Relatives, Otherwise This Rule Of The Bank Can Sip Your Money
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'Hey listen, if there is going then take my ATM card. Withdraw money. 'This is a very common habit. We give our ATM card to our siblings, husbands, wives, friends, friends. But this habit can somehow afford a sip of money.

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In fact, in a case, the consumer court ruled that your ATM is a non-transferable property. Nobody can use it except the ATM card whose name is issued.

In 2013, Vandana, a Bangalore-based Vandana was pregnant, so she gave her SBI ATM card to withdraw money from her SBI card. Her husband Rajesh tried to extract 25,000 rupees from his ATM. But for some reason the money did not come out and the vidrol slip was in which there was a message to get out of the account of Rs 25,000. It is common for technical reasons to be such. So they talked about the customer care of the bank, then the caretakers talked about refund within 24 hours. But if this did not happen, then the complaint was filed in the bank.

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The bank declined the refund saying that the ATM was in the name of Vandana, while the money was extracting her husband. ATM PIN can not be shared with anyone. Nor can anyone else use an ATM card.

After this, the husband and wife reached the consumer court. But the bank also told its rule there too Also visible CCTV footage of that ATM machine. In this footage, only Rajesh, husband of Vandana, has appeared. Vandana did not even appear nearby.

He cited an RTI and argued that money was not available despite ATM machine money. But the bank also denied having money in the machine showing its papers.

The court ruled in its verdict which said that the ATM card is non-transferenceable. It can be used only by its owner. Vandana should have given an authority letter or check to withdraw money. The bank has followed the rules. In such a situation, the money will not be refunded.

When the bank releases the ATM card, it also gives a soliloquy with it. It is very clear that this statement will not tell anyone your ATM PIN. Not even family and bank employees. At the same time ATM is also written non-transferable. Therefore, use your ATM card on your own.

If there is more problem, remember this dialog ...

"My ATM Is My ATM, Nun Off Your ATM."


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