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Cisce Drops Pass Check Criteria Of Icse, Isc Examination, Official Notice Discharged On

by Admin | Posted: Nov 28, 2017 at 09:42 | Views: 706

Cisce Drops Pass Check Criteria Of Icse, Isc Examination, Official Notice Discharged On

New Delhi: Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, CISCE has lessened the pass marks criteria for ICSE or class 10 and ISC or Class 12 Board Examination. According to the round discharged on the official site, the pass criteria for ICSE or Classes ninth and tenth has been diminished from the present 35 percent to 33 percent. Essentially, the pass rate for Classes eleventh and twelfth alluding to ISC has been lessened from the present 40 rate focuses to 35 rate focuses. The progressions would be executed from the year 2019. 

Note that the pass rate for ISC and ICSE 2018 would keep on remaining the same at 40 and 35 percent individually. The progressions, as specified in the roundabout, would become effective for the board examinations from the scholarly year 2018 - 2019 onwards. The round has solicited the heads from schools to consider the same and as needs be alter the inner examination approach also. 

The round features that the choice has been taken after different suggestions got by the board from Inter Board Working Group or IBWG. The IBWG has suggested that every one of the sheets the nation over ought to have a uniform passing criteria, with a specific end goal to guarantee more institutionalization. Thinking about the proposals, CISCE has chosen to diminish its present pass criteria and acclimate it with that of different sheets of the nation.


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