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Checkout The Famous Tourist Places Of Mathura

by Admin | Posted: May 15, 2018 at 19:27 | Views: 941

Checkout The Famous Tourist Places Of Mathura

Mathura is the center place of Lord Radha-Krishna and the center of Vaishnav religion. In other texts such as Varah Purana, Agni Purana, Mathura has been described as such a pilgrimage site, which seems to be that there is no other important pilgrimage equal to them.

Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi (Katra Keshavdev)

Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi (Katra Keshavdev)

It has been proved by all the famous archaeologists that Katra Keshavdev was in the house of King Kans and Lord Shri Krishna was born here only. This ancient Mathura was settled. Previously, the king of Madhu had settled in Sri Madhupuri, he was in the place of Maholi. The same thing is also certified from the books of foreign travelers. From time to time, grand temples were being built many times, which have been destroyed by foreign invaders every time. In the end, in 1669 AD, Aurangzeb broke this ancient monument and constructed the Idgah Mosque from its debris, which still exists. In the British era, this place had been purchased by King Patnamal of Benaras so that the Sri Krishna Temple could be built here again. Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya and Mr. J.K. With the efforts of Birla, a Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Trust was created, which has now built a huge temple here. Here Ayurvedic Dispensary A large guest house has been built for the school, library and the restaurant and the stay of travelers.

Shri Dwarkadheesh Temple

Shri Dwarkadheesh Temple

After the destruction of Shri Keshavaram Temple (Katra Keshavdev) in 1669 AD, Gujarati Vaishya Shri Gokuldas Parikh completed this shortcoming by constructing this temple. The construction of this huge temple located near the Askunda Ghat is approximately 1814-1815 AD. An immovable property is attached to the arrangement of this temple so that the temple is arranged smoothly by its rent. It is worshiped by Kaushal Purohitas of the Karauli. Prasad is prepared in the temple at his cushion.

The temple is located at 108 feet long and is 120 feet wide. The temple also has considerable importance in terms of architecture. There are many shops outside the gorgeous grand entrance gate. There are many strong and artistic pillars in the middle with a huge mandap in which multicolored artifacts and glass works are worth seeing. The beautiful and attractive quadrangular Padma Ordnance of Shri Dwarkanath is present. White statue of white crystalline is the beautiful statue of Rukmaniji.

Here is the festival of carousel in Savannah, there are very beautiful views of subdivision. Janmashtami, Holi, Annikoot etc. are the main festivals. Shri Dwarkanathji has eight peaks in a day. Four times in the morning - Mangala, makeup, Gwal and Rajbhog and four times the upliftment, indulgence, number of artisan and sleeping. Mangala Aarti's pockets are at 6.30 hrs, and the lunar views are open till 7 pm in summer and 6.30 in winter.


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Vijay Govind Temple

Vijay Govind Temple

This temple of Datia is in front of the memorial of Shri Viradanandaji in Virajanand Bazar.

Temple of Shri Laxminarayan

This temple is in Chapra Bazar, which was built by Sri Jayaramadas Paliwal of Agra district. This temple is famous as the temple of Mungaji.


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Temple of Shri Kanhaiyalalji

This temple is located in Chapra Bazar in front of Shri Lakshminarayanji Temple.

Temple of Shri Govardhan Nathji

It is located in the Chapra market itself. The beautiful Shyamal Vigya Vision of Shri Govardhan Nathji is a philosophy of form. The temple built by Seth Shivlal is said to be 100 hundred years old.


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Shri Ram Temple

Gali Seth by Ramji is located in Bhikchand. The festival of Ramnavami is celebrated with great enthusiasm in this temple. Sri Ramji and Ashtabhuji Gopalji have a glimpse of the beautiful idol.

Birla temple

Birla temple

It is built out of Mathura town by Birla on Mathura Vrindavan Road. The idols of Shri Krishna God, Sitaram and Lakshminarayanji, which are for Panchjanya Shechh and Sudarshan Chakra in the temple, are very interesting. The composition of pictures and teachings on the walls attracts the audience's mind. The entire Bhagavadgita is written on one pillar and the house decorated with idols etc. places devotees to devotion. There is also Birla Dharamsala nearby.


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New features of ancient city Mathura

Mathura is a religious city. Here religious books are published in large quantities and these religious books are supplied not only to different parts of the country but also to foreign countries. Apart from this, there are many factories in printed sarees, dori, niwad, soda, powders and medicines etc. Parda, Khurchen are famous gifts here. There is also a renowned oil purifier factory (refinery).

The Doordarshan Relay Center and Akashwani's Mathura-Vrindavan are the dissemination centers from where Braj has cultural programs. Veterinary College, P.M.B. Apart from Polytechnic, B.SA College, Kishori Raman Degree College, Chameli Devi, Anar Devi and Prem Devi etc. many girls' educational institutions have published their names in the education world.

Other scenic spots from Mathura

Mathura is well-known because of the birth place of Lord Shrikrishna, while other places are visible in the form of his leela portraits.

Vrindavan - 10 kms.
Gokul - 10 kms.
Mahanan - 19 kms
Baldev (Dawoji) - 24 Kilometers
Govardhan - 24 kms.
Radhakund - 28 Km.
Nandgaon - 53 km
Barsana - is located at a distance of 42 kilometers.


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