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Bjp Dives The Seats Down Though Guaranteeing The Winning

by Admin | Posted: Dec 19, 2017 at 22:12 | Views: 257

Bjp Dives The Seats Down Though Guaranteeing The Winning

According to the most recent count, the BJP has won or is driving in an aggregate of 105 of the 182 seats in the Gujarat Assembly. This is 10 seats lesser than its 2012 count. 
As indicated by the Election Commission, the decision party has accumulated a vote offer of 49.1 for each penny (till reports last came in at 1.45 pm), an expansion of 1.25 for every penny over the 2012 Assembly race. To the extent the Congress is concerned, it has so far packed away 75 seats, an expansion of an incredible 14 seats. 
On the vote share front as well, the Congress has seen a hop. It had surveyed 38.95 for each penny of the votes in 2012 race. Presently it has accumulated 41.5 for each penny of the votes surveyed, enlisting an expansion of 2.57 for every penny votes. 
That is a significant amazement given the seat shares where, for example, Congress hosts trounced the decision get-together in the rustic zones. In fact, for the state in general BJP's vote offer of 49.1% in these surveys is a slight change over the 47.9% it accomplished in 2012 however a gigantic defeat if one somehow happened to contrast it and the 59.1% offer it got in the 2014 Lok Sabha surveys. 
In any case, that still implied it was almost 8 rate focuses behind BJP, just a barely littler lead in votes than in 2012. In a bipolar decision, a hole of that extent ought to typically bring about a genuinely enormous win for the main party, as in truth happened last time. 

However, this time round, the battle turned out to be excruciatingly close for BJP, which completed only seven seats over the greater part stamp. 
On the off chance that the present pattern proceeds with, the BJP's seats may additionally plunge and the Congress stands a splendid opportunity to get control in Gujarat out of the blue since 1985 when it had won 149 seats.

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