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Anushka Not Getting Hitched To Virat, Affirms Representative

by Admin | Posted: Dec 07, 2017 at 10:12 | Views: 329

Anushka Not Getting Hitched To Virat, Affirms Representative

On-screen character Anushka Sharma's representative has denied reports that she is getting hitched to cricketer Virat Kohli one week from now. "There is positively no fact to [the rumours]," the representative said. Prior, reports said that the couple will get hitched in Milan, Italy one week from now, including that the wedding will be trailed by a gathering in Mumbai on December 21. 

The disavowal came after a few TV channels revealed that the couple was probably going to get married between December 11-13 in Milan. 

"There is positively no fact to it (gossipy tidbits about marriage)," Anushka's representative told PTI, 

In October, a daily paper had announced that an Italian wedding might be on the cards for the couple. 

The gossipy tidbits increased after Virat was refreshed for the rest of the ODI arrangement against Sri Lanka.

Source : inshorts, PTI

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