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14- Year Old Was Murdered In Name Of 'love Jihad'- Cold Blooded Rajastan Viral Video

by Admin | Posted: Dec 17, 2017 at 09:25 | Views: 727

14- Year Old Was Murdered In Name Of 'love Jihad'- Cold Blooded Rajastan Viral Video

Additional stunning points of interest are tumbling out a day after a frightening video became a web sensation demonstrating a man being severely hacked to death and set ablaze in Rajasamand locale of Rajasthan for supposedly submitting "love jihad".

As per reports, Raigar who was well disposed with the casualty baited him to come to fields with him where he hit him more than once with a long pick-hatchet and a sickle. He at that point poured oil on Afrazul and set him land. The whole violent occurrence was videographed by Raigar's nephew, who is a minor, and transferred on the Internet. He likewise left a three-page letter at the site.

As indicated by police, Raigar had purchased another pick-hatchet with a goal to kill the casualty.

Raigar was captured from Kelwa when he was setting off to a sanctuary on his Scooty.

Inquired as to whether the murder was gone for scratching the state's congruity, Gelhotra said the murder ought not to be connected to any such thing as it appeared to have been finished by a "psycho individual". 
The DGP said the police would find a way to guarantee that the climate of peace and peacefulness in Rajasthan isn't aggravated.
Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje censured the murder and coordinated that the criminal be arraigned in the most limited conceivable time. "This is a regrettable demonstration which should be denounced in most grounded conceivable terms," she said. 
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee likewise denounced the murder. "We firmly denounce the egregious slaughtering of a worker from Bengal in Rajasthan. By what method can individuals be so brutal? Miserable," Banerjee tweeted. 
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who was in Kolkata for a survey meeting on India-Bangladesh outskirt issues on Thursday, declined to make any remark on the issue. "Presently you are making a political inquiry. Much thanks," he said when requested his responses to the episode. 
In the mean time, Afrazul's relatives stated: "We need equity. The administration must rebuff the offender. Hang him! It is a lie that he was included with a lady. One of the uncles lived with him and he never griped about the affirmed connection."


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