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10 Very Interesting Thing That You Should Know About India

by Admin | Posted: Jan 02, 2018 at 23:09 | Views: 1003

10 Very Interesting Thing That You Should Know About India

India is a country which had always left us with surprises. Starting from the world treasure to even the recipes India has been declared as a motherland. But What exactly you don’t know about India. Here are few. 

1. 75 Million is a huge Number

Yes! Every year for Kumbh Mela, 75 million pilgrims and gather and it is found to be visible from the space.

2. Post office that floats

We aint joking. India has the biggest postal network with 1,55,015 post office across the nation and it has a floating post office from Srinagar, in Dal Lake.

3. The highest rainfall record

Chirrapunji, part of Meghalaya is still considered to be the world’s most wttest place and has the highest rainfall record.

4. The biggest Cricket Ground

Himachal Pradesh, has the biggest cricket ground, The Chali Cricket Stadium which has an altitude of 2,445 meters.

5. Which Shampoo do you use?

Shampooing itself is a concept introduced by Indians and it was prepared by Herbs in India. The shampoo term was derived from the root word Champu in Sanskrit which means massage.

6. What do you know about Kabbadi?

Our Indian Kabbadi team is unbeatable in all the world tournaments. We have been consistently winning for the fifth time.

7. Chandrayan- big discovery

Water Moist in the Moon was found by Chandrayan, a water mapper and detector sent by ISRO.

8. APJ’s birthday Celebrated Internationally.

APJ Abdul Kalam’s birthday is celebreated internationally and it is considered as science day in Switzerland.

9. Rocket – Cycle?

First rocket in India was said to be transported in Cycle and it was so light weight. It was launched from Trivandrum.

10. Veggie Indians

India has the most number of populations who eats only vegetarians. For numerous reasons 40% of the Indians are found to be vegetarians. 

Also some other known facts :- 

- The world's first granite temple is the Brihadeshwara temple in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu. The peak of this temple is made of 80 ton pieces of granite. This magnificent temple was built during the reign of Rajaraja Chola in the period of 5 years between 1004 and 1009 AD.

Jantar Mantar, built in 1724 by Sawai King Jai Singh in Jaipur, is the largest stone-built observatory in the world.

- Bhaskaracharya had calculated the exact time of Earth that began to rotate around the Sun several hundred years before astronomy. According to their calculations, the earth takes 365.258756484 days in orbit around the Sun.

- 5000 years ago when most civilizations in the world were living nomadic life, the Indus Valley was at the peak of progress in India.

- World production of 22 thousand tonnes of mint oil is produced, out of which 19 thousand tonnes of oil is collected in India alone.

- Surgery started in 2600 years ago in India. In many ancient texts, mentor Sushruta and his team get mention of releasing eyes from cataracts, giving birth, connecting bones, making stones, beautifying organs and performing surgery in the brain.


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